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You may have heard the old saying…If people come for your price, they will leave for someone else’s. Physician recruiting is not a commodity business. Any reputable firm will tell you that. The physician recruiting business is a people business. Each individual circumstance is unique and should therefore be treated as such. To my knowledge, no one has discovered a cookie cutter method of recruiting a physician to your facility and community.   

As you seek out the firm you want to assist you with the search process, you should look for experience, track record, and dedication to the process, exemplary communication skills, value and results. Set price aside, and ask yourself what you’re really looking for in a firm. What do you want the firm to accomplish for you? How will this firm fit into your overall strategy to fill your medical staff needs both on a short term and long term basis?    

If all you, as a client, are looking for is a discount, you can probably find one. There are any number of firms that will discount their price to win over your business. But what happens after the sale is closed? And why did you have to be “sold” in the first place?  “Discount” clients don’t buy a specific firm or even an individual within a firm. They don’t buy the quality of the firm’s work or its service. The discount buyer is buying the price tag. The discount firm is selling the price tag. And only the price tag. Neither is loyal to people or companies…they are only loyal to price tags.  

It is difficult, if not impossible, to build a lasting business relationship as a discount buyer or seller.  The discount buyers place very limited value or no value at all on the firm they work with nor will the sellers place much value on the company they are working with if the relationship is based on price alone.

Choose the firm you work with carefully. The recruiting experience should be a rewarding and satisfying experience for all involved. Don’t set yourself up for disaster and disappointment by choosing a company based on how inexpensive it is.  

Invest in the project and hold the firm accountable. Any firm worth its salt will provide exceptional service, value and results at a fair and reasonable price. The bargain basement company may not be the company you need to assist you in achieving your physician recruiting needs. In fact, it may not even be capable of producing the results you demand and expect.  

A reputable firm will want to gain your loyalty and trust and will work hard to build a long-term lasting relationship. Look for value as you evaluate firms. Price should be commensurate to the level of service you receive.  

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