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Retaining Physicians Starts with
Placing the Right Physician

Itís a proven fact: Physicians placed by dedicated search firms tend to stay up to 3 times longer than physicians recruited by other means, such as contingent firms. 

The reason is simple: Dedicated firms take more of the necessary time on the front end of the search learning about the practice and community in order to match the right physician (and spouse) to the right practice opportunity.  The dedicated firm partners with the client and approaches the recruitment process as a team effort.  The dedicated firm represents the clientís best interests throughout the entire process while a contingent firm tends to represent the best interests of the candidate, typically looking for a quick placement with little regard for the match. 

Physicians placed by dedicated (retained) search firms, on average, will stay 3 times longer at a practice opportunity Vs physicians placed by contingent firms.  

Although there are no guarantees and specific results may vary, these figures are based on placements tracked over the past eight years in a cross-section of specialties and locations throughout the United States, and should be used as a guideline only. A solid recruitment and retention program should be in place to better assure long-term physician retention.


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