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Female Residents Increasing

According to a recent article published in Modern Healthcare, women now fill about 38% of all medical residencies in the United States. This represents a dramatic jump in the last decade, according to a new report by the Association of American Medical Colleges. 

There is a big demand and void for female physicians, especially in the specialties of internal medicine, pediatrics, family practice, obstetrics/gynecology and psychiatry.  With the increased supply of female physicians in the next few years, many facilities will be able to balance their medical staffs to meet patient desires. 

The proportion of women medical residents has grown more than a third since 1989 when women made up only about 28% of all residencies. Last year there were about 97,300 men and women working in graduate medical education. 

Of all women residents, over one-fourth are training in internal medicine (including subspecialties), according to the report, Women in U.S. Academic Medicine Statistics. The next highest concentrations are 16% in pediatrics (including subspecialties), 14% in family practice, 9% in obstetrics/gynecology, and 7% in psychiatry (see table below). The percentage of women residents training in each of the surgical subspecialties remains below 1%. Neurosurgery, plastic surgery and urology garner less than .4% each. Thoracic surgery and colon/rectal surgery is less than .1% for each specialty.

Specialty     %Women Residents  Proportion of Residents

Internal Medicine    28%                        40%

Pediatrics               16%                         65%

Family Practice       14%                         46%

OB/GYN                  9%                        64%

Psychiatry                  7%                        47%


The availability of more female physicians will continue to change the composition of practices and medical staffs. The process will take several years before there is noticeable change in the marketplace.



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