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There is more to recruiting a physician to your facility or community than looking at a curriculum vitae, scheduling an interview, and hoping it works out. There is a way to take more control over the search process and secure the physician that will be right for your opportunity.  It will require time, dedication and resources to accomplish. Treat physician recruiting as you would any other worthwhile investment. It is important that you make as many informed decisions about your investment as possible. Understanding what it will take to create the optimum recruiting environment is the first, and possibly the most important step to take in your physician retention program.   

I. Identify the Need   

Start by identifying and justifying the need. 

Know why the need for an additional physician exists and if the physician- to-population ratios are within acceptable limits. 

II. Become Familiar With The Practice 

Take the necessary time to become familiar with the practice.  

Determine that the medical staff supports the recruitment effort.   

It is best that the practice environment be positive and important that a plan is devised to deal with negative physicians. Negative factors can and will derail your search efforts. 

III. Identify Candidate Parameters 

Establish candidate parameters early in the process. Determine specific requirements regarding training, experience, board certification and other factors so you can determine how many physicians are potentially available for the opportunity. 

IV. Establish Competitive Compensation                     

Start by researching what the salary or guarantee ranges for the recruited specialty are in similar situations across the country. Remember that you are competing for physicians on a national level.  

Examine benefits and structure a package that is competitive nationally.  

Have a work or employment agreement in place prior to starting the search process.  

V. Prepare Community Information 

Be prepared to present your community and facility in a positive and professional manner.  Certain key factors you must become familiar with are the real estate market, educational facilities, shopping options, recreation, cultural amenities and churches. 

Planning, hard work, a driving sense of urgency to secure the right physician and a healthy dose of patience will enable you to achieve successful recruiting outcomes.




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